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Skilled Representation Against Assault And Battery Charges

A moment of heated emotion is enough to create a situation that ends in assault and battery charges. When you are facing assault charges, or any other criminal charge alleging violence or the use of force, you need an experienced Virginia defense attorney who can protect your rights, reputation and future.

At Joseph R. Pricone, PLLC, I take pride in serving the people of Virginia with their criminal defense needs. I have been representing clients with my hands-on and aggressive advocacy since 2015, and I am prepared to help you craft a defense plan against a variety of assault or battery charges you may be facing.

I take the time to work with my clients, learning about the details of their cases while providing them with the respect and compassion they deserve from their lawyers. Based on the unique factors of your case, I will look to pursue defenses to your charges such as consent, self-defense, defense of others, or heat of passion.

While considering options to win the case, I will also develop strategies to reduce your charges and their potential sentences. My goal as your attorney is to pursue the outcome you deserve in your case, and I am committed to making that goal a reality.

A Committed Defense At Your Side

When your defense case goes to trial, why not have an attorney with extensive trial experience at your side? Call 540-216-0165 or email me here to schedule your free initial consultation with a criminal defense lawyer you can count on today.