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Someone To Take Your Reckless Driving Charge Seriously

Being charged with reckless driving may not seem like a serious crime, but these charges cross the line from a traffic infraction to a misdemeanor in Virginia. Your reckless driving charge does not have to result in a criminal conviction. There are ways to fight for the outcome you deserve- whether that is a dismissal or a reduction of the charge.

Ive represented the people of Virginia in their criminal and traffic charges since 2015. I founded my Warrentonbased law firm, Joseph R. Pricone, PLLC, to exclusively practice in criminal defense because I know how much is at stake. I want to be the lawyer who helps you get the right results.

What These Charges Can Mean For You

When a person is ticketed for reckless driving, they may assume they are going to jail because a class one misdemeanor can result in punishments of up to $2,500 in fines, twelve months in jail, and a sixmonth loss of license.

My goal as your lawyer is to minimize the consequences of your reckless driving charge. Depending on the facts of the case this can include dismissal of the charges, or simply avoiding jail time and a license suspension.

Although Virginia judges often put people in jail for reckless driving cases involving excessive speed, many Virginia juries do not. My extensive experience as a trial attorney can help you pursue a favorable resolution, even in highspeed and car accident cases.

Do Not Take Chances With Your Charges

If you are facing charges for reckless driving or other traffic violations, your rights and freedom may be at stake. Let me act as your shield in these cases to pursue the outcome you deserve through creative, custom-tailored defense. Call 540-216-0165 or email me here to schedule your free initial consultation today.