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3 scenarios that could lead to DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2024 | Driving Under The Influence |

Drivers in Virginia are generally well aware that it is illegal to drink a large quantity of alcohol before driving. The state imposes a limit on every driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and anyone over that limit is potentially at risk of getting arrested.

Police officers who encounter people who appear to be under the influence may start building a case for driving under the influence (DUI) charges. They may ask very specific questions, request field sobriety tests and administer chemical tests. Ultimately, there are typically three specific scenarios in which someone is likely at risk of a DUI arrest.

Targeted traffic stops

Many people get pulled over by Virginia police officers because they are clearly incapable of driving a vehicle safely. They speed up and slow down erratically or swerve all over the road. They brake for seemingly no reason. Police officers who spot people driving in what appears to be an impaired manner are likely to pull the driver over and arrest them if circumstances justify doing so.

Motor vehicle collisions

Alcohol impairment is one of the top contributing factors in many car crashes, which is one reason why the state so aggressively enforces DUI statutes. It is quite common for police officers to perform chemical tests when responding to the scene of a car crash. Particularly if the scene of the crash implies questionable driving or one driver accuses the other of intoxication, a police officer may request chemical testing when investigating a crash. Even those not at fault for a crash could face arrest.

Sobriety checkpoints

Also known as DUI roadblocks, sobriety checkpoints are mass enforcement tools used by Virginia police officers. They stop everyone passing through a certain area to screen them for signs of chemical intoxication. They may arrest dozens of people in just a few hours at a sobriety checkpoint.

The proper defense strategy for a DUI charge depends in no small part on what evidence the state has gathered against a particular motorist. Each of the above scenarios might lead to slightly different evidence and, therefore, different defense strategies. Learning more about why people get arrested for DUI offenses in Virginia can help people to potentially avoid a conviction. The sooner a defendant begins planning their strategy, the better their chances of fighting the charges they face.